Hand Hammered


Unique Sounds

Average 5.000 hammer hits, that is why beauty of the sounds. Zilli Cymbals are all Hand Hammered in Turkey by skilled cymbal craftspersons.


Play with very well made made hand crafted cymbals


Any size and type of drum cymbals bels and gongs are available:

6'' to 26'' sizes.

Zilli Cymbals have options for every style of music, every venue size & can create boutique & customs options.


Why different ? Each cymbal has its own unique sounds.

Welcome to Zilli Cymbals


Zilli Cymbals are an Australian owned cymbal company committed to providing drummers and percussionists with the highest quality hand crafted range of cymbals in the market.  These cymbals stand out above the factory-produced alternatives that dominate the existing market.  Zilli Cymbals are a boutique cymbal, produced from a unique alloy recipes and hand hammered for a finish and sound that is truly exceptional.


The Cymbal's secret alloy recipe provides a dynamic sound across the Zilli range, perfect for recording as well as live set ups in all sorts of environments.  The age-old hammering process ensures that cymbals provide long lasting, exceptional sounds not available to existing mass-produced factory-hammered cymbals. Please visit our Cymbal making page for more info...



Pera Model

21'' China with rivets


Babylon Set up sound recording


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enjoy wıth the benefits :  playing with the top quality hand crafted cymbals

Nano cymbals have an extra year warranty at Zilli.


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Live gig

Live gig

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Live gig

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We made the dynamic sounds.

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